KJS   Health & Safety
The Need for Compliance

In overall general industry today, you and your employees work with hazardous materials
all the time. A chemical of chemical related products; oils, solvents, fuels, thinners,
cleaning compounds, and solutions. There are also more specific chemicals such as
acids& caustics; as well acetylene, oxygen, argon and various other chemicals come in
solid, liquid and gaseous forms.

KJS Health & Safety is familiar with the laws regulating the handling Nd disposal of all
materials used in general industry. We can take care of the required paperwork for you,
and can help make sure that your business is meeting the many regulations involving the
management of hazardous materials.

KJS Health & Safety personnel have experience in working with various industries. We
have a solid understanding of the processes you use everyday. Processes that could
expose your employees to hazardous materials. KJS Health & Safety employees are
professionals who can show you how to avoid accidental exposure and what emergency
steps to take if an accident does occur.

The amount of fines and negative publicity that violations will produce are very damaging
to business and the moral of employees. Taking the necessary steps to be current on
training and documentation is good preventive maintenance.