KJS   Health & Safety
Documentation Services

KJS Health & Safety can remove the costly and time-consuming burden of preparing required
safety and environmental documentation. We can efficiently inventory your hazardous
materials, obtain and complete the required paperwork on each material. We can explain how
the laws affect you and how to remain in compliance, reducing potential fines. One way we
can accomplish this goal is establishing an in-house labeling system. Also by developing a
well-organized record keeping system, we can help manage your required compliance

When you choose KJS Health & Safety's Documentation Services, we will prepare your Business
Plan, Written Hazard Communication Program, Chemical Inventory and SB 198 Injury and
Illness Prevention Program. We will also create letters for you to obtain required Material Safety
Data Sheets (MSDS).

The paperwork that regulations require you to keep can be overwhelming. Also the amount of
paperwork is increasing each year. With KJS Health & Safety's years of experiance in processing
hazardous materials paperwork, you can be sure that your records will meet all current
hazardous materials regulations.