KJS   Health & Safety
Permit-Required Confined Space

KJS Health & Safety will have a trainer on site for an 8 Hour Confined Space Training. This
training session will help you come into compliance with all of the new requirements of OSHA's
29 CFR 1910.146.

OSHA requires that any facility that has confined spaces have a Written Permit-Required
Confined Space Program. This program must list all confined spaces and designate whether
they are "Permit-Required," "Nonpermit-Required," or "Permit-Required Hazard Eliminated."
Once this is accomplished, the program is required to list all personnel and their job functions.
Entrant, Attendant, Rescue Personnel and Entry Supervisor must be designated and Trained
accordingly. The documentation of the training received and updated annually with refresher

KJS Health & Safety can help you create a program or will create one for you. With the training
that includes practical application in entry and rescue procedures, your employees will be
highly trained and certified to conduct all operations in confined spaces.