KJS   Health & Safety
Quarterly Reviews

To help you meet the OSHA, RCRA and other regulations, a KJS Health & Safety professional
will visit your facility every three months. We offer:

    The Resourse Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) has very strict guidelines
    for the handling, storing and transporting and recordkeeping of Hazardous
    Wastes. KJS Health & Safety will review your procedures and records, then
    make recommendations to keep you in compliance.
    In many cases, a single safety audit is not enough. Especially with the CAL-
    Osha SB-198 Injury & Illness Prevention Program Requirements. A KJS Health
    & Safety professional will perform a second audit to allow management to
    judge the effectiveness of its compliance efforts.

KJS Health & Safety will create a detailed and accurate report of the findings that will result in
fines or negative publicity as well as creating potential safety hazards.