KJS   Health & Safety
Right-To-Know Support Services

Our support services provide flexibility. You can manage them yourself, or we can manage
them for you. Our team of professionals is experienced in the specific needs and requirements
of the industries we service.

Our "Right-To-Know" support services include a KJS Health & Safety Technical Professional on-
site to:

  • Document each product on your shelves and inventory hazardous materials present.
  • Conduct a wall-to-wall safety audit of your facility.
  • Identify hazards that may create safety and health risks.

Our comprehensive Management Safety Training includes:

  • Detailing current requirements of the "Right-To-Know" laws and how they affect your
    business goals.
  • Identification of specific safety concerns in your facility.
  • Suggesting corrective action.
  • Information about employee training.
  • Discussing requirements for compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication
  • A review of compliance and source documentation that will be supplied by KJS Health
    & Safety